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Awesome Acoustic Panels

Our open process


Do it yourself

We share our designs so you can make your own acoustic panels. Our tutorials are very easy to follow. Don’t worry if you have no experience, you’ll do fine!


Great acoustics on a budget

We have optimized our designs so they are fast and easy as possible to make with really low material cost.


Open Source

The best solutions always arise when communities work together. The most efficient way to maximize this is to share knowledge.


Best sound treatment

We share the most efficient designs in the market. The Ultrafusor is more efficient than a standard PRD diffusor, and our absorbent panels work great for frequencies as low as 100 Hz.

Super absorbent
& beautiful

Laser Panel

The #laserpanel is a digital manufacturing absorbent solution to reduce the reverberation of a room.

🔨 20€ ⏱ 60min

The most efficient diffuser in the world


The #ultrafusor is an open-source diffusor made of polystyrene with 420 cells. That’s a lot of cells!!

🔨 5€ ⏱ 20min

Super easy
& super absorbent

Super Simply

The #supersimply absorbent panel is probably the quickest, easiest and cheapest design ever.

🔨 10€ ⏱ 15min

Hundreds of musicians have recorded in our studio and they all agree that its acoustics are outstanding.

— Alfonso Abad

These panels are the biggest acoustic improvement I’ve had since I opened the studio many years ago.

— Charlie Chicago

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